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5 minutes with a Bodywise Pilates instructor

Q&A on Pilates with Katie Quirke (Bodywise Pilates Instructor)

What do you love the most about Pilates and what inspired you to teach?
I love how extensive the repertoire is. Stretching is one of my favourite things to do and it's great that there are various exercises to target different parts of the body, especially when you have access to the equipment.

I was inspired to teach Pilates because I wanted to be able to help others enjoy and benefit from it just as I had.

What is your favourite Pilates pose/exercise?
Such a hard question but I do enjoy a good mermaid / side stretch.

You only have 30 minutes, what is your go-to healthy lunch or dinner dish?
My go to is always avocado on vogels, sometimes with sliced tomato, S&P. I'll have this for lunch or dinner if I've been working late. Scrambled eggs are great too.

What would be your one gem of advice for someone looking to get into fitness and Pilates?
Find a time in your schedule that you know you can commit to on a weekly basis and book it out for your exercise time. I think that if you can make yourself get up early and come to class before work, you're less likely to find excuses.
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Katie is a trained dancer and dance teacher and has spent 7 years working in dance schools and education in London. She got a taste for Pilates when she joined a class at her local gym and was inspired to teach it herself, she completed the Advanced Mat certification with Future Fit Pilates UK, before returning to NZ. As a dancer Katie enjoys the wide range of pilates exercises both for flexibiity and mobillity and also for their effect in toning and strengthening her core area. She has a Bachalor of Arts Honours Degree in Dance Education with the Royal Academy of Dance and continues to up skill her Pilates training her in New Zealand.

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