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5 minutes with a Bodywise Pilates instructor

Q&A on Pilates with Gaby Sanchez (Bodywise Pilates instructor)

What do you love the most about Pilates and what inspired you to teach?

I love the diversity of equipment that you can use in every class. I also believe Pilates is a very safe option for people with health issues.

Pilates connects so well with dance movements, which I love! As you know I am also a dance teacher and I believe that Pilates helps dancers build strength and better posture.

What is your favourite Pilates pose/exercise?

I have two favourite exercises:
  • Rocking. It's really good to strengthen back extensor, gluts and hamstrings, and increasing spinal mobility.
  • Side bend. Great for abdominal strength and shoulder stabilisation.
You only have 30 minutes, what is your go to healthy lunch or dinner dish?

I love all types of salad! They only take 10 minutes to prepare and often I'll add a bit of protein like chicken or boiled eggs. I usually prepare the salad ingredients while the chicken is cooking and have everything on a plate in less than 15 minutes.

One random fact about you that the Bodywise community wouldn't know?

I did artistic gymnastic when I was a teen. I like to keep my body moving and stretching and have recently taken up Acroyoga.

What would be your one gem of advice for someone looking to get into fitness and Pilates?
  • Listen to your body and start progressively.
  • Find out which type of Pilate's class you really enjoy, that also feels good on your body, and make a regular time for it.
Gaby teaches several classes at Bodywise Pilates and explains:

"I like my classes to have progression. I like to establish challenges throughout my sessions and watch the natural, healthy progression of each class group. It's so rewarding seeing the positive changes and growth of clients throughout their sessions."
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Gaby was born in Argentina and has studied Classical and Contemporary dance to be a teacher. She graduated in Buenos Aires as a Physical Education teacher specialising in health pathology. Over the last 10 years, she has taught classes for all ages and levels at various studios, with a background in Latin Rhythms, Contemporary, Latin Hip Hop, Tango and Brazilian dances. She loves to dance and takes classes at every chance she gets. "No matter how old you are or how much experience you have, you can always learn more".