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5 minutes with a Bodywise Pilates instructor

Q&A on Pilates with Maria Moreno - Benito (Bodywise Pilates instructor)

What do you love the most about Pilates and what inspired you to teach?

When exercising, I like to work with slow and controlled movements. When you're doing it right, and really feel the exercises correctly, it's a great feeling. I want all my clients to achieve and appreciate the exercise of Pilates just as I have. Pilates has inspired me every day!

What is your favourite Pilates pose/exercise?

I love the plank! All variations...haha...full arms, on elbows, lateral plank, any variation.You work the entire body in a safe controlled movement.

If you haven't tried, I'd recommend a basic plank either on your elbows or with knees on the ground, held for 30 seconds to start. It really is a great exercise!

You only have 30 minutes, what is your go to healthy lunch or dinner dish?

I love cooking and eating, but when I don't have a lot of time, I usually prepare a salad with everything! Spinach, rocket, carrot, tomatoes, cheese, boiled eggs, seeds, and always with legumes, quinoa, brown rice, lentil or beans, and dress with extra virgin olive oil and salt!

Another delicious meal idea is mixed fruits with raw almonds, walnuts and yogurt. I try to avoid eating a lot of meat and a lot of sugar.

One random fact about you that the Bodywise community wouldn't know?

I love to dance and run!! And i think that they are a really great complement to Pilates! I teach African dance and try to run at least three times per week early in the morning. It's not always possible, sometimes I do decide to sleep a little longer ;)

What would be your one gem of advice for someone looking to get into fitness and Pilates?

Have patience. You and your body need time. Time to feel and time to learn. When you learn this method slowly and you use your body correctly, you'll never forget it. Body awareness is crucial throughout daily life. Be kind to yourself and take a break to feel and care about your body every day.

"I hope to see you in my class! You're always welcome! In Pilates Plus you'll be able to work on strength and flexibility with different props that challenge you every week. In the Reformer class you'll work slowly, feeling more challenged with the springs and variation in each exercise. In Teen Pilates class we'll work on stability and concentration in a fun way, but sorry Teens only :) Finally, in the Studio Pilates we'll work on specific, structured movements for anyone requiring it. See you soon!!" - Maria

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Maria teaches a variety of classes both at our Remuera location and our Kohi location

Maria Moreno - Benito

Maria Moreno - Benito