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5 minutes with a Bodywise Pilates instructor

Q&A on Pilates with Rose Bridge (Bodywise Pilates instructor)

What do you love the most about Pilates and what inspired you to teach?

I love being stronger and more flexible than I was in my 20s - 100% because of Pilates!  And I also love that no matter how experienced we are, we can continually be challenged with new and existing variations of Pilates exercises that work all parts of the body.  

After years of doing mat and reformer Pilates classes for my own fitness, I decided to become an instructor so that I could make it an even bigger part of my life at the same time as enjoying helping others achieve their goals. 

What is your favourite Pilates exercise?

It’s very tricky to pick just one favourite, but I’ll go with Chalk Circles and Book Openers for mat work and Baby Elephants on a reformer. 

Photo: Rose is also a wonderful Barre instructor and teaches Bodywise Barre Fridays at our Kohi Studio location.

You only have 30 minutes, what is your go to healthy lunch or dinner dish?

I love coleslaw salad mixes with avocado, smoked salmon and sometimes a boiled egg cut up on top - and of course a drizzle of balsamic dressing!

One random fact about you that the Bodywise community wouldn't know?

I used to work in Public Relations and Event Management.

What would be your one gem of advice for someone looking to get into fitness and Pilates?

Don’t waste any time procrastinating!  The sooner you get into doing regular Pilates, the sooner you’ll experience the many benefits, no matter what your goals are.

- - - 

Words from Rose: If you’re keen to add a more cardio element to your Pilates repertoire, I’d love to see you at our new Kohimarama Tennis Club Bodywise Barre Class every Friday, 10.30-11.30am.  Barre is a really fun, safe, total body workout that’s amazing for strengthening and toning.  Anyone can come along and pick up the moves, especially if you already have Pilates experience.  You’ll be amazed at how quickly you start feeling the difference in your muscle endurance if you attend weekly classes.  Particularly if you cycle, ski, run or participate in any other more high impact sports.  

Our classes are very relaxed and there’s no pressure to keep up.  Hope to see you at the Barre!