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Improve more than your game with Pilates!

Pilates for Golfers

Tight shoulders and a sore back, does that sound familiar? Bending and twisting to drive your golf ball can result in both.  Golfers tend to build up tension and muscle imbalances through overuse and straining, which can lead to discomfort and injury.   Adding Pilates exercises to your exercise routine can help you increase your freedom of movement while improving your core strength and allowing you to hit the ball further with greater ease.

My golf swing has improved dramatically since I have been going to Pilates. Pilates has given me the flexibility to move my upper body freely. It has also made me aware of different sets of muscles which help in setting up my stance. - Alison

Pilates focuses on working from your centre, or core, outwards, teaching you to breathe and relax while improving the efficiency of movement.  Pilates key principles include concentration, control and precision of movement, all of which synchronise nicely with Golf practice.  A stronger core will help prevent or manage any back pain. 

An expert Pilates instructor can create an individual programme for you to help you have a greater range of movement, including the torso rotation and hip mobility that is vital to a good golf swing.

Pilates is also a great way to recover, lengthening and releasing tension in your body.

A few minutes every day, or attending a regular class or 1-1 session can make a big difference to not only your golf game but your health and wellbeing.

What you can expect from an effective Pilates programme:

  • Improved flexibility
  • A greater range of movement (bigger more fluid swing)
  • Stronger abdominal and back muscles (preventing back pain and helping a more efficient transfer of power through the body)
  • Less shoulder tension, help prevent injuries like rotator cuff tears.
  • Improved hip range and mobility, for the internal and external rotation needed in a golf swing
  • Better breathing; essential for concentration, relaxation and recovery
  • General Well Being

How to find a Pilates instructor: Look for experienced instructors who have an internationally recognised certification.  Ask for testimonials or relevant experience.  There are specific training courses for Pilates instructors for Pilates for Golfers. 

Pilates is “not just for Sheilas”, it gives me the flexibility to keep playing golf and tennis even with 2 replacement hips.  Pilates makes it ‘easy’, it has changed my life.  - Malcolm. 

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