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Q&A on Pilates with Bodywise Pilates owner Jenny Green

Bodywise Pilates studio owner Jenny Green certainly knows a thing or two about Pilates! Certified by the Pilates Institute UK and Stott Pilates (Canada), Jenny Green has more than 20 years of experience in the fitness industry both in New Zealand and in the UK. She holds a BBS in Sport Management and Coaching from Massey, is an AIT and Network Certified Personal Trainer, and is an established member of Bodywise personal fitness trainers. 

What do you love the most about Pilates and what inspires you to teach? 
I love Pilates because it works, for almost everyone.  When I first started practicing Pilates myself it was because I had an injury / pain that I could not seem to fix, despite being a personal trainer and fitness professional and working with health professionals such as Physios, regular Pilates got me back running, cycling, paddling and teaching pain free.  Everyone can benefit from regular Pilates practice.

(Above: Bodywise Pilates Studio Room, Jenny Green demonstrating a classic Pilates exercise)

What is your favourite Pilates exercise?
My favourite Pilates exercises is the Pilates Pushup, I have been the push up Queen since I completed my first exercise to music certification (some 25 years ago), a good push up , or plank/leg pull for that matter, requires total body organization, as well as a little upper body and core strength.  I think every woman should be able to lift their own body weight, you never know when you might need to.  I also love moving whole body exercises like roll ups, side bends.

You only have 30 minutes, what is your go to healthy lunch or dinner meal suggestion?
For lunch; scrambled or poached eggs on toast + avocado and tomato (or just avocado & tomato).
For dinner; baked potato with salad (I love fresh coleslaw with added herbs), either with cheese or hummus.

One random fact about you that the Bodywise Pilates community wouldn't know?
I have a blue eyed cat called Pooh Bear, who was a foster from the SPCA. Pooh Bear pictured below.

Jenny's cat named Pooh Bear

What would be your one gem of advice for someone looking to get into fitness and Pilates (in 2018)?
Start now, little and often will get you there!

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