All Mat Pilates classes are instructor led and have a maximum of up to 10 students

Casual class $26 / 10 x classes $205 / 20 x classes $390

Mat Pilates

On the floor mat class based on the original repertoire created by Joseph Pilates with exercises focusing on correct technique, breathing and relaxation. Designed to improve posture, mobility, increase core strength and develop body tone. See our timetable to book

Pilates Plus

Pilates Plus Mat class uses the contemporary Mat Pilates repertoire and adds variety and challenges using a range of small equipment & props - including bands, toning balls, magic circles, baby barrels, foam rollers and more. See our timetable to book

Bodywise Barre

Bodywise Barre classes sculpt & burn with this dynamic fun workout to music that integrates elements of Pilates, dance, cardio and strength training. Barre utilises correct biomechanics of movement to sculpt and strengthen the body. Instructor led workout with music that flows through sequences that target arms, legs and core to help give you a long, lean physique. (55 minute class).
"I do want to say how much I am enjoying doing the 2 Mat Classes a week - it is so good having the different teachers, all of whom are fantastic. So good having the variety".


All Reformer classes are instructor led and have a maximum of 6 students

Casual class $30 / 5 x classes $150 / 10 x classes $285 / 20 x classes $550


Reformer Pilates is a 45 min full body workout that will give you a challenging workout that is easy on joints, effective in enhancing strength and general fitness (maximum 6 per class). 

See our timetable to book


All Studio classes have a qualified Pilates Instructor to guide you through your individual studio equipment workout (maximum 5 students)

Casual session $40 / 5 x Sessions $175 / 10 x Sessions $315 / 20 x Session $610


Small group 60 min training with all the studio equipment and small props (maximum 5 students). Studio Pilates provides you with an individual Pilates programme giving you a full body workout. Beginners are recommended to start with one of our Starter Packages.

See our timetable to book


A 60 minute pilates session specifically for men. Working on flexibility and range of motion as well as improving core strength and balance. A full body workout offering a combination of Pilates mat work and full studio equipment workouts. Beginners welcome.

Casual class $30 / 10 x classes $285  

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"Pilates is 'not just for Sheilas', it gives me the flexibility to keep playing golf and tennis even with 2 replacement hips. Pilates makes it 'easy', it has changed my life". MALCOM


Teen Pilates Term Classes

School term courses for 12 - 17 year olds. (max 8 per class). Teens will benefit from improved posture, inehanced breathing, greater flexibility and improved confidence! 

"Annelise LOVES Teen Pilates!
It is the first time ever that she has requested to do something of the physical kind without me pushing her into things".

Equestrian Pilates Programme

For riders of all disciplines and riding abilities who want to become the best they can be. Designed to improve riding skills and make the riding experience more enjoyable. Riders can see dramatic improvements in their own fitness and riding skill through the Equestrian Pilates programme. Helps improve any style of riding by focusing on the biomechanics of the rider and improving 'horse-fitness'. Anything that is happening in your body, whether it is stiffness, inflexibility or weakness will be reflected in your horse. Equestrian Pilates will help bring your awareness to your body and how it affects your horse and give you the tools to improve your equestrian body.

Equestrian Pilates can help with • Balance and gripping with arms and legs • Communicating with your body simple aids through to complex Dressage moves • Maintaining great posture in the saddle through all gaits and over jumps • Back pain and soreness after riding • Sitting to the trot and achieving lead changes

Equestrian Pilates Clinic is a half day workshop that takes your through a self assessment process and gives you a stretching programme, a home programme and a do anywhere pilates programme, supported along with a comprehensive manual.
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Fitness Coaching & Personal Training

We provide Group Fitness Coaching & Personal Training for the Eastern Suburbs including Epsom, Newmarket, Kohimarama, Mission Bay, St Heliers & Remuera. Train with us in a private studio, at the gym or outside. Train for weight management, core strength or general health or join one of our boot camps or running groups close to you. Online coaching is available if you want to achieve your first or your 100th half marathon, multi-sport, triathlon event. As fitness professionals we will develop a structured programme to help you achieve your goal. Contact
us for more info & bookings.