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3 for 2 Intro Assessment

Our 3 for 2 Introductory Assessment is the ideal way to begin your journey with Pilates. At Bodywise we are passionate about helping you to live more comfortably inside the skin you are in. Apart of that is understanding how your body functions and how to use it most effectively in a Pilates class so that you can get the maximum benefit from your classes. We call Pilates "the thinking persons exercise" because to begin with it can often feel as if your brain works harder than your body. We want you to go into your first class feeling super confident that you know exactly what you are doing. 

Our Introductory Assessment One on One's will be dedicated time for us to see whats going on in your body currently, starting with talking about previous or current injuries, postural analysis and personal assessment. Then your Bodywise instructor will work with you to teach fundamentals of Pilates and develop a training schedule where every exercise is tailored to your individual needs to to help you achieve your goals. Sessions are held in a private, relaxed environment, where you can work out in comfort and really enjoy your Pilates experience. Sessions will include a wide variety of exercises including mat work and specialised Pilates equipment.

3x 55 minute One on Ones = $180

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