90 minute Workshop

Over the 90 minutes we will take you through the Pilates principles some of the key mat exercises. You will also have an opportunity to try out the Pilates Reformer and chat to your instructor about the best Pilates training option for you. A great way to find out about us and more about Pilates before committing to any of the Startup Packages or ongoing classes. 90 minute workshop $26. If you purchase a Startup Package or concession card on the day the cost of the Orientation Workshop is FREE! Contact us for more info and bookings


Group or Studio Startup Packs

There are three starter packages available if you would like to try all the group classes or just specialised classes. All three packages include a complimentary 90 minute Pilates Orientation Workshop as detailed above.
Contact us for more info and bookings
Pilates Sampler1 hour 1-1 Pilates training + 4 Group classes* (valid 1 month)$99
Mat Starter Pack1 hour 1-1 Pilates training + 10 Mat or Barre classes (valid 5 months)$255
Reformer or Studio Starter Pack2 hours 1-1 Pilates training + 5 Reformer or Studio classes (valid 3 months)$275
* Group classes includes all Mat, Barre & Reformer classes.
Startup Packages are for first time users only and only one may be purchased.

Private Pilates Startup Pack

Ideal for those that want to have some one-on-one training or have an injury or specific goal. Starting with a posture analysis and personal assessment, your Bodywise instructor will work with you to teach fundamentals of Pilates and develop a training schedule where every exercise is tailored to your individual needs to to help you achieve your goals. Sessions are held in a private, relaxed environment, where you can work out in comfort and really enjoy your Pilates experience. Sessions will include a wide variety of exercises including mat work and specialised Pilates equipment.

Includes 1 hour assessment + 5 x 60min private pilates sessions $475

Contact us for more info and bookings