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Private Pilates Training

Bodywise Private Trainings can be shared with up to 3 people for the same price. A Private training session starts with a posture analysis and personal assessment. Then your Bodywise instructor will work with you to develop a training schedule where every exercise is tailored to your individual needs to to help you achieve your goals. Sessions are held in a private, relaxed environment, where you can work out in comfort and really enjoy your Pilates experience. Sessions will include a wide variety of exercises including mat work, small props and specialised Pilates equipment. Each session is 55 minutes long. Book your appointment below or contact us.

Private Gym Training

Private Gym Training works with one of our master trainers to achieve your personal goals. Improve your aerobic fitness, muscle strength and overall body tone. Book your appointment below or contact us.
"Jenny once again thank you for being so helpful and so organised, I am so glad I bought that deal - I was looking for some motivation and variety from gym work and you have a fantastic team and great customer service".